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Mission Statement
The Department is to ensure wholesome development and preparation of students for leadership roles in Africa and the world.  It also strives to be a professional, accountable student-driven team that seeks to create a friendly and supportive environment in which high quality services are offered.

The Student Affairs Section seeks to:

  • promote integration, fusion and peaceful coexistence of students from diverse cultures.
  • promote and foster the spirit of pan Africanism.
  • promote cultural exchange and cooperation among students.
  • instill discipline and inculcate virtues of integrity, trust, mutual respect and friendship among students.
  • provide psychological counseling and advisory services to students.

Students' Union
The Students' Union is set to promote the general interests of the students in the University and to provide one of the recognized channels of communication between students and the University authorities.  Numerous clubs and societies of a sporting, cultural or social nature will be set up under the auspices of the Students' Union.  The Students Union is also expected to organize community / charity, fund raising projects.  The Students' Union if for all students registered with the University.

The Student Representative Council is the executive body under the Students Union which is responsible for the day -to- day administration of the union affairs.

The University is setting up a network of counseling services which focuses on personal problems, careers and employment.  Counseling on academic, financial and personal matters will be offered.  You are advised to consult the Dean of Studies first.

All activities in this section are coordinated by the Sports Committee.

The following sporting activities are pursued at the University: soccer, basketball, netball, athletics, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, chess, and softball.  All students are urged to participate in these activities.

Student Clubs
Students are advised to join the various clubs under the auspices of the Students' Union.  The formation of these organizations depends on the initiative of students.  The clubs will have to work within rules drawn up by the Student Representative Council for it to be recognized and be affiliated to the Union.

Women's University of Africa Choir

Students are free to join the University Choir and will sing at graduation or any other important gatherings.  The choir is seen as a forum for students to develop leadership qualities.

Discipline Regulations
The Women's University in Africa is a community that seeks to enhance the acquisition of knowledge and the growth of the individual.  All members in a community have both rights and responsibilities which must be observed for all to live in a harmonious way.

All students are bound by the University Rules.

Rules and Offenses
All students are required to abide by the following rules and any act or omission in contravention of any of these rules shall be an offence punishable in terms of the laid out regulations and policies of the University.

Students are subject to disciplinary action when individually or as members of a group violate University policy, rules or regulations including the following:

  • Damaging, destroying, defacing or stealing University property.
  • Obstruction or disruption of teaching or University activities.
  • Unlawfully threatening or physically abusing or assaulting or harassing anyone on University premises.
  • Unauthorized entry or use of University facilities without permission.
  • Use or possession of fireworks, firearms, explosives or other dangerous weapons on University premises.
  • Commit any criminal offense in contravention of statutory and common laws of Zimbabwe while on University premises.
  • Disobedience or failure to comply with lawful instruction or directive by the Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Bursar, Dean or any other senior University official.
  • Misuse, theft or embezzlement of funds or property of the Students' Union, clubs or any other persons forming part of the University community or linked to the University.
  • Failure to follow proper channels of communication and engaging in strike, boycott, or stay away of any sort including demonstrations, threats to students, insults that may fuel unrest or disturbances among students.
  • Treat disciplinary officers and Disciplinary committee with contempt which include some of the following:
  • Disruption of any disciplinary hearing
  • Failure without cause to attend hearing
  • Giving false or inaccurate or withholding information at a hearing
  • Interference with or intimidation any person who is a witness
  • Knowingly contravene or defy a duly enacted resolution of an authorized Student Representative Council Body
  • Behaving in a manner that is likely to tarnish the name of the University
  • Behaving in a noisy or riotous manner or in such a way as to be a nuisance to other students or staff or guest
  • Making false declaration to the University.
  • Harassing, bullying or persecuting any student or staff and subjecting anyone to ridicule, insults or mockery.
  • Failure to be punctual or absent without authority from lectures.

Academic Discipline
All academic matters shall be dealt with by the Dean who shall have the power to impose    an appropriate penalty in cases of minor breaches of discipline.

If academic matters warrant suspension, dismissal or cancellation of degree results the Dean shall refer the matter to the Senate or to the Disciplinary Committee.

Student Disciplinary Committee
The Student Disciplinary Committee shall always include a student representative.