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It was the beginning of a new, true, valuable life when I started the BSc in Management and Entrepreneurial     Development Studies degree program at the Women’s University in Africa. Before enrolling at WUA, I was  managing my family business. Everything was done haphazardly, or through trial and error.

I have no doubt that the knowledge and skills I have acquired at this University, coupled with  experience,  courage and determination will take me to greater heights. There is a big possibility of opening other  businesses or expanding the current family businesses.

When I came to WUA I was like a snake which had just started casting its top outer skin in order to get a new and smoother skin. The outer skin is now off and I can now feel the change. I was blind but I can see clearly.WUA added significant value to my technical and managerial skills; I can proudly say with   confidence that I am now:
  • A sharp woman because I have truly been empowered
  • Able to prepare business plans and implement them on my own
  • Able to prepare monthly budgets for the business
  • Able to carry variance analysis to ensure that deviations from budgets are fully accounted for
  • Able to identify signs of failure and success in a business.
  • Able to manage and motivate workers in the business

The road to completing the Degree was not easy, but through sacrifice, determination, tolerance and hard work. I am now what I am, fearless and rearing to tackle any type of challenge whether business, family, religious or any other.