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It’s the aim of the WUA Library to leverage strategic partnerships in order to advance the Library’s mission which is to serve as the intellectual commons of the University and provide high quality resources, services and gateways to information to meet the needs of WUA’s diverse instructional research and outreach programs. To this end WUA is a member of Zimbabwe Universities Library Consortia (ZULC). The Zimbabwe Universities Libraries Consortium (ZULC) is a national Consortium. (ZULC) was formed in 2001 by seven University Libraries and has now grown to 15,. ZULC Mission is to “Provide leadership in access to knowledge, information and resource sharing through collaboration, capacity building, advocacy and networking in support of national development.” It is this partnership and membership that has raised WUA Library profile. ZULC nominated the WUA Sub Librarian PlaxedesChaitezvi to be a member of the Intellectual Property Advisory Council as well as the Country Coordinator of Intellectual Property issues in the Librarianship arena.
The Intellectual Property Advisory Council was established at the National Intellectual Property Policy and Implementation Strategy workshop of September 2015. Membership of the Council reflects a cross-section of stakeholders of the IP system, including representatives from both small and large business, professional associations, and the academia.
Members of IP Advisory Council
  1. Film Makers Guild
  2. IP Technical Working Group
  3. National University of Science and Technology
  4. University of Zimbabwe
  5. Visual Artists
  6. Zimbabwe Inventors Association
  7. Zimbabwe Academic and Non-Fiction Authors Association
  8. Zimbabwe Institute of Patent and Trademark Agents
  9. Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Development Trust
  10. Zimbabwe Music Rights Association
  11. Zimbabwe Reproduction Rights Organisation
  12. Zimbabwe University Libraries Consortium
The purpose of the IP Advisory Council is to explore areas in which it can continue the collaboration/interaction with the Inter-Ministerial Committee in order to see the fruition and approval of the National IP Policy and Implementation Strategy by the Zimbabwean government.
Miss P. Chaitezvi was nominated the secretariat for the IP Advisory Council as well assist in drafting motivation letters to Ministry of Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on;
  1. Cabinet approval of the National Policy on Intellectual Property
  2. Zimbabwean government ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty