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Global Objective of the Pledge For Parity Campaign

  • One of the most powerful ways individuals can influence how quickly gender parity is achieved is by championing a #Pledge For Parity campaign within their organizations. Helping others recognize the impact of their individual actions on behalf of women cascades awareness and behaviour change and supports faster achievement of the economic value of gender parity. Use the above resources to guide development of your own Pledge For Parity campaign within your organization:
  • Educate others by sharing knowledge and thought leadership so colleagues may learn about and better understand gender parity issues
  • Start conversations encouraging people to take action to help accelerate gender parity to achieve greater social, economic, political and cultural benefits
  • Encourage colleagues to adopt one of the IWD Pledges For Parity in order to directly help accelerate gender parity within their own sphere of influence
  • To Read more information about #PledgeForParity Click Here