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Albert Nyathi is one of the 13 creative artists chosen to use arts as a vehicle to end violence against women.  He is working on a 20 track multi lingual album which is meant to raise awareness and prevent, eliminate or eradicate violence against women through arts.  The poet – cum – musician is using practices and norms that cause gender stereotyping and encouraging positive gender interactions in society.   He has published and one of his books titled ‘My Daughter” is a children’s book focussing on gender equality.

Albert is the United Nations Gender champion and Zimbabwe’s representative in the Regional Creative Artists Advisory Council which was launched in 2012.  The Council hosted workshops for artists aimed at eliminating violence against women and girls.  The workshops were organised in Support of the UN Secretary General’s UNITE Campaign to end violence against women and girls which was launched in 2008.

He is a survivor, one of the few full time artists who graduated from the stormy corridors of Zimbabwe's sole University (at that time) in the 1980s. The very human struggles for freedom in the region influenced his poetry and his social desire to bring change through the power of oration.  He has persuaded people to sit up, listen and take command of their situation. He gave up his career in government service as a senior member of Zimbabwe's National Arts Council to concentrate on performance and the development of youth training programmes in the arts in Harare's townships.

His background in the performing arts allowed him to try various forms of experimental performance from his early career with Alcyti his first public attempts with accompanied poetry. His first major stage performance as an actor was in the outstanding production of Mandela- The Spirit Of No Surrender in the early 1990s produced by the community theatre company Zambuko/ Izibuko and the ANC as a co-production about a family's struggle in the townships through the period of Mandela's encarceration. Albert is known as “the voice of the invisible” - the man who speaks the silent words of those without a voice. His work is thought provoking, controversial and humorous and his stage show is charismatic and energetic.
The Women’s University in Africa at its International Women’s Day Dinner & Dialogue held at the Rainbow towers in Harare  on Tuesday, 22 March 2016 awarded Mr Albert Nyathi the Best innovative Individual Towards Attainment  of Gender Parity Award for 2016.