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Access to Egranary is restricted to WUA machines on campus due to license agreements.

What is the Egranary Digital Library

The eGranary Digital Library is a collection of multimedia documents meant to deliver educational Web content to the subscriber's local area network (LAN).  It is a product of the University of Iowa’s Widernet Project. The  team identifies web sites with rich educational content posted by individuals and organizations on the Internet. They copy the permitted materials to a hard drive and servers at the University of Iowa WiderNet Project without changing the content. Sometimes they copy an entire Web site, sometimes just the portions that contain the most useful information.

Subjects covered include the following:

•    Basic to advanced mathematics
•    Civil, mechanical, electrical and environmental engineering
•    Medical, nursing and public health resources
•    Language dictionaries and tutorials
•    Computer science
•    Atlases, almanacs and other reference materials of all kinds
•    Education and teaching
•    History, sociology, psychology, economics, religion and other social sciences
•    Agriculture, horticulture and zoology
•    Biology, chemistry, geology and physics
•    Literature, art and music