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Post Graduate Diploma in Child Sensitive Social Policies

Expected Outcomes

At completion of the programme, students would have:

  • Gained familiarity with the relationships between research, child sensitive social policy and practice in the area of children's rights;
  • Got an in-depth understanding of rights based approaches to programming and international instruments on children;
  • Acquired deep understanding of how governance challenges in developing countries like Zimbabwe affect the realization of children's rights;
  • Adequately interrogated the challenges involved in strengthening the collection and analysis of child-sensitive data for policy changes;
  • Understood how the research-policy-practice nexus function in other relevant sectors such as gender mainstreaming and what lessons can be learnt for children's rights social policies;
  • Strengthened their ability to research, understand, explain and engage with theories and debates about child rights and social policies as they affect child development;
  • Been equipped with necessary tools, relevant techniques and argumentation to analyze public policy and development issues, and ultimately apply this knowledge in the design and implementation of policies and programmes to promote children's rights and wellbeing;